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Pricing Table for Elementor

How to install Pricing Table to Elementor

How to add the Pricing Table to a Elementor website

  1. Open your website in the Elementor website editor and then click Add and type HTML in search bar:

(opens in a new tab)

Drag the HTML element on your website.

  1. Now you have a new element on your website. Place and scale it on the site according to your design.

  2. Use the Enhanci widget editor (opens in a new tab) to choose and adjust a Pricing Table with the required appearance and functionality.

  3. Click Publish:

(opens in a new tab)

  1. Copy a widget code from the automatically appearing window into the clipboard:

(opens in a new tab)

  1. Select your widget on the site and click the Edit icon

(opens in a new tab)

  1. Paste your code from the clipboard into the input field provided for this:

(opens in a new tab)

  1. Click Publish:

(opens in a new tab)

Your website will be opened in the browser.

  1. The Pricing Table widget was successfully embedded on your website.
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